Monday, July 30, 2012

Client Recommendations

So many of my clients share the same goal in their construction projects - building a high quality, energy efficient, safe home economically. It is normally the research to achieve this goal that has them cross my path in the first place. And it is this quality that also has them finding new and/or innovative products that they use in the construction of their homes.

In order to share some of these products I am going to begin to put some of these referrals under "Useful Links." These products will be different than those referred to under "What's Included" which is specific products that are used in the manufacture of your framing package.

Needless to say I recommend that you do your own research on these products but the fact that one of my clients has already given a thumbs up hopefully gives your a head start!

WUI approved flame and ember resistant vents - the only one with overlapping baffle protection.

With so many of my clients being in an area that the special Wildland Fire Codes applies to - this site was recommended as a high quality economical vent.

Solar shingles - need I say more? Not inexpensive but an attractive alternative to getting off the grid.
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