Saturday, January 3, 2015

Customizing Your Framing Package

A common request that I get is to see a "model" home of one of our framing packages.  Our framing packages are actually the bones of the structure and how the home is finished is completely up to you, your needs, your personal style and your budget.

For many of my clients this new home is their dream home and frequently they add personal touches that make these homes unique and special.


Day 5 1/2 we got tile cut as far as we can go.  Tomorrow morning I'll cut in the circle to place the "Tree of Life" artwork that we hand carried from Jordan in 2008 as a side trip from Israel.  We're real happy how nice the colors complement each other.

Our deck tile took shape today, with the mosaic tile set and the 12" diamond pattern selected and cut to fit with symmetry.  I'll set the inner tile tomorrow, cover with tarp to wait until after the storms before I grout.  Brenda selects and arranges all of the tiles.  I cut them to fit and set them in place.  (This pattern with slate was a lot of work!)
This octagon shape, we learned on our Israel trip, was used for the first home Christian churches, please find a short description of S. Peter's mother-in-law's house that we also visited in 2006.  A fitting application of this shape for where we will enjoy most of our meals.
 We have a round glass table with lazy Susan to plop down in the middle of this room.

This is the first of what looks to be three days for the Taylor team to add stone to the house front.  Tahoe River Rock is the name of the cultured stone we selected for our house.  Individual stones are smeared with an ample heap of mortar and then it is squished onto the wall.  As Brenda realized today, "it's an art form" to apply these stones.

Each of my clients add those special touches to make a house a home.
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