Sunday, March 17, 2013

Additions Using Our Framing Packages

We are frequently asked if we can create a framing package for an addition.  The answer is yes.

An over size garage on one side of an existing house.

And a two story 5000 square foot addition on the other side.

And two weeks after the delivery the packages are completed to  closed in shells.

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A recommendation of North Coast Packaged Homes

Building a home is a large and daunting project and for many it is perhaps the first time they have every tackled such a large project outside of the area of their own expertise.  Our goal is to make it at least a bit easier and manageable so that each of our clients can achieve the dream of building their own home.

Thank you very much for the information about PMHI products, company, etc.  I am looking forward to the factory visit Wednesday.

As it stands now, we are looking proceed with the purchase of a modified version of your New Haven plan.  I’ve decided to use your dealer: Ann Zollinger of North Coast Packaged Homes for this purchase.   Ann is very helpful and forthcoming with information; Contractor and other trade referrals for this project.  She is taking an active role in the process.  So far everything I have experienced with Ann has been nothing but outstanding.

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Using Manufactured Trusses

One way to keep costs in check is the use of manufactured trusses.  These trusses differ from a cut roof with a large beamed ceiling but a coffered or center vault can still be achieved as trusses come in many different designs.

Trusses are manufactured at the factor using a very cost effective and green method of construction.

We provide the truss plan and truss calculations to submit to the building department and to build the truss roof.

Truss roof can be used with a variety of exterior appearances such as hip roofs or a straight gable.

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