Sunday, January 5, 2014

Home Design Trends for 2014

·        Traditional Styled Homes.  More homeowners are looking for traditional styled homes with a contemporary twist.  Hip roofs combined with 10’ ceiling allowing larger windows and a lot of light.  Large covered porches with French doors (or French styled sliding doors) opening the inside to the out of doors.  Asymmetrical facades with front columns and a welcoming entrance.

·        Kitchens.  The tradition of the kitchen at the rear of the house adjacent to the garage is continuing to be a design of the past.  Kitchens are now the central element of the home becoming more of a multitasking area from entertaining to helping children with homework.

·        Spa bathrooms and a Quiet Sitting Room.  With life becoming busier a private place to get away and relax is becoming more a necessity than a luxury.

·        Flexible Space.  Whether a parent joining the household, a child returning home or a home office more and more designs are incorporating a bedroom with an en suite bath and perhaps a sitting room with a private exterior entrance into the home.

·        Energy Efficiency.  Between the new Energy Commission regulations going into effect and more and more building and planning departments adopting CalGreen checklist, building a home that is not energy efficient is no longer an option.  Using a framing package aids in meeting some of the requirements.
But as always the most important thing is to carefully consider all of your own personal needs when designing your new home.

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