Sunday, April 22, 2012

A True Story

True story - the client on this house saw one of our Craigslist ads and showed her Dad the website - and it turned out he had built his house decades before with a package from Pacific Modern Homes.  I had the chance to visit after the house was completed and Whitney gave me a disc with almost 200 photos and here are just a few!

Pre-Cut wall panels shipped to your building site
Unloading wall panels at the building site 
The garage is framed with the roof trusses in place and the subfloor framed
Sub-framed next to garage started
Garage framing
Pre-engineered wall panel being lifted into place by three workers
Raising a pre-engineered wall panel
The windows are factory installed and protected during shipping and panel installation
The window is protected during transport and panel installation
Part of the framing package is pre-cut walls with the sheathing nailed per the engineering
Pre-cut wall almost in place
The pre-cut wall panel is adjusted into its final place
A final adjustment of the wall panel
the factory built interior framed walls are stood in place per the plans
The interior framed walls 
engineered trusses being lifted into place or rolled in this case by a rented crane
The engineered roof trusses lifted by a crane (or can be done by a gradeall or by hand)

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