Friday, June 15, 2012

The Difference Between Stick Built and Panelization

To your local building department or your lender, there is no difference between a panelized home and a conventional on site stick built home.

To you the owner, the differences are tremendous.

Higher Quality - Your custom framing package will be factory built with all of the wall panels constructed from dry lumber on a gig so that every corner is 90 degrees.  This  results in a better product than can be built on the ground on the site.

Cost Savings - Typically your framing package will be 10 to 25% less on site framing depending on the location and design.

Pre-Engineered Home Plans - We offer 36 home plans that can be modified to meet your site, needs and local building department requirements.  Fully engineered these drawings are ready to submit for your permit to California standards and the all code corrections are done at no additional charge.  With the current 100% rebate on these plans this can be a savings of many thousands of dollars.


Custom Drafting and Engineering - If one of the Pre-Engineered plans does not meet your needs we can assist you will custom drafting and engineering.  Completing hundreds of construction documents each year we not only offer engineering solutions that can save money but also a very high quality product.  It is not unusual for our drawings to go through plan check without a single redline correction.  And documents that our prepared by us receive an additional discount built into the package pricing.

Guaranteed Pricing - Depending on the size of the deposit given pricing can be guaranteed up to six months from the time of the contract to the date of delivery.  This is unparalleled in an industry where price increases occur on a regular basis and bids are only good for 30 days.

Speed of Construction - This photograph was taken 48 hours after the delivery of the framing package.  The framing of a typical home is done in days rather than months.

Guaranteed Materials - You are guaranteed the materials required to assemble your framing package are delivered to your site.  Years of experience insures that all of the materials are shipped with the wall panels and roof trusses to insure assembly.  This saves multiple trips to the store to purchase additional materials.

Local Representation - From advice on land purchase and choosing of the design through the delivery and assembly of your framing package we are there to assist you.  Rain or shine.

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