Monday, January 21, 2013

Cut Roof or Manufactured Trusses ?????

One of the most common questions people typically request is about either having a vaulted ceiling or an attic.

First, most of our packages typically are built with manufactured trusses:

Manufactured trusses are a cost effective way to support a room.  They can come in a variety of shapes:

Using a scissor truss can create a vault although it is not as deep as a cut roof - it is a less expensive alternative.  It does though require that the exterior roof pitch be steep enough to allow for a scissor or studio vault type roof.

An attic truss can create a small attic for storage or for the heating unit - but it does not create a second story like a cut roof can create:

We can design an open rafter roof to allow for an attic or an "open beam" vaulted roof but the cost difference and labor involved to build a cut roof as opposed to rolling manufactured trusses must be taken into consideration.
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