Sunday, August 31, 2014

Is It Time to Start Your Plans??

Are you planning on starting construction in June?  If so, you are not alone so obtaining a building permit can take longer than expected – so let’s review some time frames.

Planning is the place to start inquiring about what you can do (or not do) on your property.  Setbacks and lot coverage are basic requirements but many planning departments (especially city planning departments) are now requiring design review.  It is critical to find out if this is required for your project as the design might be dictated by architectural guidelines.  Additionally, there might be extensive plans required for the review such as civil drawings, landscape plans and even water efficiency plans.  Getting through design review, if it is required, can take a minimum of a month to prepare and then the review itself can take a few months. 

At the same time it is important to find out what the Building Department is going to require in order to submit for Plan Check.  We will assist you with the fully engineered drawings, structural calculations, truss plan and calculations.  Our energy consultant can assist you with Title 24 and CalGreen checklists.  A sprinkler plan will be required and we will provide you with the CAD/PDF files so that your sprinkler contractor can design the system for your home.  One critical report to find out if it is required is a geologist’s soils report.  Not to be confused with a soils report for the design of a septic system, this report is required for the design of the foundation.  It may take 4 to 6 weeks to obtain this report.

Every property is unique and the steps required to obtain a building permit can vary greatly from quite simple to very complex.  But with the June 30th deadline to submit for plan check in order to avoid having to comply with the new energy codes – we highly encourage you to allow between three to six months to prepare the drawings and other documents required.

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