Sunday, March 15, 2015

Using a General Contractor, Acting as an Owner/Contractor or an Owner/Builder

Some of my clients use a General Contractor for the entire home building project.  Others act as an Owner/Contractor hiring and supervising their own sub-contractors.  And others do some or all of the work themselves. Some of the major influencing factors in making a decision on how to proceed are obviously skill and interest.  Time is another major factor especially in doing some of the work as an Owner/Builder.

Most of my clients do a combination using a contractor for the foundation, sub-floor and the assembly of the framing package. And plumbing and electrical require a special skill set that require a professional be hired for the job whether by the owner or the general contractor. And no one seems to want to tackle drywall, tape and texture.

And then many of my clients love to get involved in the finish work either using a hobby and skill that they already have - or learning new skills.

The following pictures were sent to me by a client building their retirement home and I love how involved they have gotten in truly making this their dream home. (And retirement here is a word I use lightly as I think they have been joyfully 'working' harder than ever!!)




  1. It looks like from these pictures that a general contractor can do just about any type of job. I could use someone like that around my house to fix a few things. I'm not much of a handy man, so he would be such a big help to me and my family.

    1. Hi,

      Please email me directly with your question - I am not quite understanding. The link you included is for Pennsylvania so not applicable to my clients in California.