Sunday, March 25, 2012

Assembly of the Framing Package

The owner of this modified Lakeport was a very hands on client.  A canine police officer, he was not only very involved in the design but worked on the project from beginning to end.  We completed the delivery of his package at 11 am on Friday morning.  He had family and friends to help him with the assembly of the package. One of his friends was a skilled framer which is recommended with the complexity of a hip roof.

Assembly of the home framing package
I had the opportunity to go back on Sunday afternoon and I have to admit.............even I was amazed at how quickly the package was going together.

Interior Framed Walls

Pre-cut engineered roof trusses going on top of wall panels

roof trusses on the end of a hipped roof

48 hours after the delivery of the packaged home
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