Sunday, March 11, 2012

Beginning the Foundation for your Framing Package

Once all of the drawings are prepared it is time to submit the drawings to your local building department.  Most clients choose to submit the drawings themselves.  The length of time each building department takes to review the plans varies.  Many departments are impacted and are not operating with a full staff.  If any redlines or corrections come back PMHI will correct the drawings they prepared at no charge to the client.

While the plans are in plan check it is a good time to get bids from subcontractors and the begin preparing the site for construction.

The first step is the foundation.  The framing packages can be placed on either a raised foundation or a slab.

Home packages can be placed on a raised foundation or a slab

Next the subfloor is framed, the rough plumbing is completed and it is insulated.

the subfloor is built before the arrival of the framing kit

Plumbing, insulation and the subfloor are completed and the home kit arrives

Once the subfloor is complete it is time for the package to arrive.  

This is the ideal situation but to be honest this only happens in a small majority of cases.  Unless the site is very tight storing the package on site for a few days or weeks is not a problem and we will provide you with proper storage instructions.  And the most common request we hear is "I just need to delay the delivery for a few days."  This is almost never possible as the trucks and trailers are continuously booked and a slight delay can turn into 6 weeks easily.  We will work very closely with you to insure that your delivery is scheduled correctly and goes smoothly.
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