Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home Framing Package Delivery Time

Servicing Northern California deliveries are frequently a challenge.  We have off loaded packages onto a bobtail and a trailer to reach a site on a narrow winding road.  We have delivered in the pouring rain and on small residential streets.  The drivers are extremely skilled and sometimes I think they could thread a needle with these huge trucks.

But back to the delivery in Angwin.  Due to the demolition of the old house the grading of the road was put off until the day before the delivery. We had three over loaded trailers coming the next day guided up one at a time from St. Helena with a front and rear pilot car.  I was running errands in Santa Rosa with my daughter and because this site was so difficult - my gut said I needed to see the new drive before the trucks started arriving so we headed for Angwin.

The grading contractor was there taking down the fence and throwing a small amount of rip rap in the ditch at the road but he had been instructed to do no other work.  When I described the trucks he agreed that there was absolutely no way they were going to make it up the driveway - and we would not be able to really shuttle from anywhere in the tiny town of Angwin.  Although I believe I was extremely fifteen year old decided as I walked back to the car that she never wanted to see that look on my face again!!

No cell service so as we drove down the hill I first reached PMHI and put the delivery on hold.  And then I called the client to tell him I was delaying the delivery.  He sincerely thought that since the contractor had trailed up a large bulldozer that the delivery trucks could also make it up the drive.  As I told him - these trucks make a concrete truck look like a Tonka toy.

Fortunately the grading contractor was available to work all weekend and we were able to keep the three trailers loaded and with just minor charges the delivery took place the beginning of the next week and went smooth as silk!!
Wall panels arriving at the job site
The smallest of the three loads!!
Unloading the home kit with a Gradeall
The Gradeall unloading some panels
Unloading the roof trusses as part of the framing package
An area to back up and turn has to be available
The french doors are secured on a A frame to protect them from breakage

Delicate items such as large French doors are on an A-Frame

Gently unloaded off the truck and set aside until they are needed
Ideally these items should then be stored in a locked container until needed.
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