Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Modifying a Standard Pre-Engineered Plan

I actually thought last spring for the first time that I was going to deliver a 100% standard framing package.  Wrong - at the last minute the client decided to extend the garage by four feet to accommodate more storage.

Pacific Modern Homes Westlake Model built four different ways

Above is four different Westlake homes.  First, all plans are reversible at no additional charge.  In the top left home we extended the garage to add more storage.  In the top right plan due to the steep slope we made the garage into a family room and built the garage underneath using a retaining wall at the rear.  Due to a narrow sloped lot and cost restraints a single car garage reduced the width of the house and we omitted the fireplace of this stucco version.  And finally in the lower right home in order to comply with local planning requirements we had to recess the garage.

We can adapt the plans to fit any sloped site - whether up slope or down slope.  And adapting spaces can be quite easy working with the basic structure of the house and we will be happy to help you with cost effective variations.  These modifications will have a nominal charge for drafting and engineering for the changes and a slight adjustment of the basic price of the panelized framing package.

But I cannot stress how important it is to think, measure and dream about these spaces early in the process. As I always remind my clients - paper and pencil are cheap, wood and concrete - not !!!!

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