Monday, February 13, 2012

Construction Documents and Plan Check

The next step in the process of producing the construction documents to submit to the Napa County building department was to iron out the design.  The client really understood the idea that paper and pencil are cheap - wood and concrete are expensive.  With this in mind we went carefully over every detail of the plan and elevations.

As we were going through this process we also obtained the geologist report required by Napa County for the design of the foundation and researched other code requirements.

When we were certain that the design was exactly what Gerry and his wife wanted for their vineyard home, the fully dimension plans and elevations were ready to go to the drafting department of Pacific Modern Homes.  The preliminary plans were sent verify that everything was correct and Gerry's architect red lined the drawing.

Custom plans for home building kit

The Title 24/Build it Green requirements were completed and coordinated with PMHI by our consultant and along with the Site Plan and Mechanical Plan prepared by the architect we were ready to submit for Plan Check.

I received one e-mail from the architect discussing how we would handle the plan check corrections - - - when I received another e-mail from her that the permit was ready to be issued - - - amazing.  Not one correction from the plan check.

And we were ready to begin construction and delivery of the package.

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