Thursday, February 16, 2012

What happens when something is wrong with my panelized kit?

Errors happen.  I believe that we all know especially in construction it is never a road without some bumps - but the important thing is how these bumps are handled.

I have had very few problems or field claims in all of the years I have been a representative for Pacific Modern Homes:

  • The first field claim I had to file was for some crushed floor joists from the forklift running over them during the delivery.  The owner purchased new floor joists at the local lumber store and we filed a field claim for the amount.
  • The next problem I had was a missing engineered strong wall.  I always suggest that a job site is secured and especially items such as windows, doors and strong walls be stored in a locked container.  Unfortunately in this case in the delivery photographs the strong wall was clearly there.
  • The third problem we helped a client with was with a window.  Although the Milgard warranty is fantastic and has covered all window problems my clients have had - in this particular case one of the builders stepped on the window breaking the flange that was used to open the window.  Complicating the problem was that it took the client a long time to make the claim and Milgard had changed the model.  PMHI hunted high and low to find a replacement window for the client through their Milgard representative.  Although financially it was the responsibility of the client PMHI did not give up on helping the client!
  • In the instance of the wrong posts mentioned in the letter - the claim was definitely in the grey area.  There was an eleventh hour design change and because of that the posts did not need to be pressure treated - and everyone myself included missed that we did not change the posts back to doug fir.  The client contractually was responsible but we all agreed that it was a misunderstanding.  The contractor kept the PT posts bundled and tarped so that they were in like new condition when he returned them to PMHI.  And the doug fir posts were provided.
The staff at Pacific Modern Homes bends over backwards to not only deliver a fantastic product but also to help solve the problems that inevitably come up.  I have spent hours on the phone with the person who liaises with the trucking company pouring over Google Earth figuring out how to get the truck around a bank of mailboxes or where we could possibly turn the truck around or find pilot cars that were not going to cost an arm and a leg.  The production department has helped advise not only on construction but points out errors in drawings or when creating the specification that either make construction impossible but frequently are just suggestions to build the home more economically.  And I have seen the drafting department stick with a set of drawings to get it through plan check for the client like - well - bulldogs!!

Delivering a home building kit in the rain
Was I happy when this delivery was completed?

I will not sugar coat things and say that there are never problems with construction.  But hopefully working together we can minimize these problems and make the dream of building a custom home enjoyable and rewarding.

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