Sunday, February 26, 2012

Re-designing a Standard Plan

Every client approaches the design of their new home differently.  This particular client, a canine police officer, was very hands on throughout the entire project and we worked very closely on getting the home plan exactly the way he wanted it.  He began with making changes to the standard Lakeport design.
Sketch for modifying a standard pre-engineered plan for a home kit
He began with looking at the site and actually measuring spaces.  Although he liked the plan itself the actual rooms were too small and because of the location he wanted more outdoor space.  As he is tall we raised the plate height to 9 feet, added square footage and a wrap around porch.
Floor plan is drawn to local building department requirements
As we began the drafting process we reversed the house and put in two garage doors instead of one.
more modifications are done to get the plan exactly the way the client wants it
In the final plan a wall was added to define the entry and pocket doors were used for the den to make this a more public area and to open it into the main living space.
Pacific Modern Homes completes the full structural engineered drawings
And as the floor plan developed the client decided on a more sophisticated roof design to complement the wrap around porch.
Driving around we had a lot of fun sending pictures back and forth to get the pitch of the new roof just right.

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