Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scheduling the Panelized Package Delivery

After the plans are completed Pacific Modern Homes generates a guaranteed quote based on delivery date and specification sheet and on a custom project the contract is generated.  It was at this point the client did attempt to negotiate the price of the package - and it was at this point I would not budge an inch.  I work very hard to insure that my clients are serviced "beyond expectations" and I insure that they get the best and fairest price possible.  Always.

In preparing for the delivery a site visit is performed either in person or via extensive photographs if the site is located remotely.  And requirements to complete the delivery are discussed with the client.  These include getting these enormous trucks to the site and then to the actual building site with an area to unload and then to turn the trucks around to exit.

As this was a difficult and to say the least interesting delivery I will tell you about it in detail tomorrow but our delivery trucks are substantially bigger than a concrete truck !!

we do require an adequate driveway to deliver the home framing it
The road needs to be graded and prepared for the trucks to deliver the home kit
The day before the scheduled delivery
The trucks fully loaded with the pre-engineered wall panels are huge
Five days later
the roof trusses  can be wider than the trailer and require a wide load permit
3 1/2 Feet over the side of the trailer
For more information go to www.northcoastpackagedhomes.com

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