Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting Plans into the Building Department

The house in Angwin is now under construction and I look forward to seeing the progress the next time I get up there.

There are different ways clients choose and develop plans for their new homes.

  • Pacific Modern Homes has pre-engineered designs to choose from.  (I must confess I have never delivered a 100% standard plan without modifications!!)
  • These pre-engineered designs can be modified to meet your personal style or the site.  Common changes include modifying the foundation for a sloped site, roof changes, room sizes or layout.  We will work with you to make changes that are in keeping with the overall design.  Our main concern is any changes that require structural changes.  Kitchen design is something, for example, that the client will design with the cabinet maker - our concern is to make sure though that the kitchen window is in the right place.
  • Sometimes one of the standard plans is not quite the design that fits either the client's dream or the site.  We can help the client create measured schematic drawings for the drafting department, the client can use a home design program to create these drawings or the client can work their own architect to produce the schematic measured drawings.  Our drafting department does an excellent job of producing the construction documents but they do not make any design changes.
  • Finally, we can create a panelized package kit from any fully engineered set of drawings.
The measured schematic drawings for the house in Angwin were drawn by the client's architect.  

The next project I am going to use as an example was for a canine police officer who was very hands on with this project.  He began with the Lakeport floor plan and we began modifying it to meet his special and stylistic needs.
modifying a Pacific Modern Homes Lakeport model
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